- Skills -



Creativity comes with patience, deligence, and open-mindedness. My designs are minimal and accessible. I focus on a goal of creating finely detailed websites with the use of typography and an eye for design, I am able to complete that goal. To create a clean interface, I begin with wireframes, mockups, and a prototype to see the design in effect.



When developing, I focus on the semantics and syntax. After designing a clean interface, I begin with a well-coded development process. To achieve this goal, I use handy tools like Sublime Text, Chrome Dev Tools , and more. I love the complexity of code, and striving to create minimalistic and aesthetically well-designed websites.



The key to great graphics is to have fun. The use of graphics can make or break your designs. I focus on the visual art of graphics & typography for a clean interface. A great use of the Gestalt principles are handy when creating playful and appealing designs.


Branding & Identity

As a multimedia creative, creating a business identity and/or consumer experience is one of many of my specialities. I like to establish a foundation for a business or organization by understading their needs, goals and objectives. By doing so, I can successfully create a plan and proposal before the designing and developing process.



An image can tell so many stories from different perspectives. Photography presents a beautiful approach to designing a user-friendly website. When designing an interface that is photo-driven, my Nikon DSLR comes in handy. There are times when photography exceeds illustrations.


Film, Video & Motion

Motion graphics, Film & Video editing, and camera operations are also specialities of mine. If I have a vision I am able to articulate that vision onto the screen. The use of these digital technologies allows me to create awe-inspiring multimedia designs.