About Us

The Higher Education Community Center is an affordable and complete full service education center that strives to meet the needs of students of any age by offering an array of services and assistance to obtain higher educational and career goals. It is the goal of The Higher Education Community to be a "one-stop shop" that caters to students of any age and diversity. An array of services will be provided that focuses on the needs of dependent and independent students. KWEC is designed as one facility, but divided into small centers to offer specific services, as well as Web, face-to-face, and individual training is conducted.

Leadership Team


Corretta King

Executive Director

Corretta King is the founder and executive director of King-Westmoreland empowerment center. King had a vision to start a non-profit that caters to students of all ages and diversity in the community. She is passionate about the successes of the non-profit and hope to see each student prosper.


Amar Hanley

Director of Resource Dev.

Amar Hanley in charge of raising funds for projects and events. His involvement with KWEC grew in 2013 when he took the Director of Resource Development position. Hanley focused community organization and change. He has developed a strong sense of devotion for KWEC and the commmunity.


Timothy O' Hearn

Director of Community Service

Timothy O'Hearn started with KWEC from ground zero. O' Hearn is in charge of planning and organizing community service projects. He is also part of the membership team to bring in new members and continue with past members. O' Hearn loves engaging and improving the community one service at a time.